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Chemichemi Foundation exists to build capacity on coping mechanisms on effects of climate change. Our impact strategy is advocacy and economic empowerment. We are alive to the Sustainable Development Goal 13 Target 13.b: to promote mechanisms for raising capacity for effective climate change-related planning and management with our focus being women, youth, Persons with Disabilities and marginalized groups. We believe it is our collective responsibility, cooperation and coordination to promote afforestation, financial inclusion, innovation and learning.


Empowering a climate resilient populace for generational posterity.


Adaptable communities endowed with capabilities to cope with climate vulnerabilities.

WhY uS

Advocates for forest and landscape restoration to alleviate poverty #StawishaMazingira


Disability mainstreaming

  • Resilient economic empowerment: enhcance food security for PWDs through provision of plant seedlings for their farming activities.
  • Green finance: foster entrepreneurship for PWDs to access capital, markets, technical assistance by facilitating PWDs to access microfinance or microcredit programs, bank loans, and other forms of financial credit, as an intervention to catalyze business start-ups.
  • Inclusive employment: promote workforce development for PWDs to build linkages with business and industry to ascertain that training and skill development for PWDs respond to the business and industry needs.
  • Connect persons with disabilities to mentors and networks that can promote job-related skills and access to information.
  • Innovation & Learning

  • Encourage uptake of digital technologies by women, youth and Persons with Disabilities with focus on digital skills and innovations as an enabler for their entrepreneurial capacities.
  • Identify women and youth encourage them to uptake academic courses on sustainability and climate change.
  • Renewable energy

  • Enlighten women, youth and Persons with Disabilies on aspects of renewable energy as mitigation measures against pollution and climate change.
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    Report Title : Impact Assessment of the Brighter Lives for Refugees Programme



    Sea level rise is climate-induced change in extreme wind and wave conditions that influence extreme water levels in some regions. #ResilientSocieties


    Felling trees results in field runoff gullies which destroy the soil structure as well as reduce the residue cover, leaving the soil surface more prone to erosion and runoff.


    Deforestation is the removal of trees so as to clear the land for agriculture, grazing or using the trees as timber for commercial purposes such as construction or manufacturing.


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